Evolution: Television: “The Big Bang Theory”

On TV’s “The Big Band Theory,” Leonard said:

Adaptation is evolution.

Well, that is an incorrect statement.  You see, the idea of evolution encompasses all of biological history.  Adaptation encompasses only fragments of biological history.

Simplest Way To Refute Evolution

The simplest way to refute evolution is to say:

Evolution is an hypothesis with an incomplete data set and, remember, hypotheses may not be taught as established science in science classes.

For an in-depth discussion see Our Main Thesis: “The Hypothesis Proof” (True Evolution).

What Is Evolution?


Evolution is not the belief that:

a species can give rise to a new species

That we may accept because a creative intelligence (a loving God) may assure the survival of one of his families of living creations through such means.

Evolution is the belief that:

all species from a first simplistic life-form to modern man are, actually and/or virtually, consanguineously connected; that is, actually and/or virtually, connected by blood

For example: