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Do We Want Evolution To Die?

Do we want evolution to die? No, but we wouldn’t shed any tears if it did. What we want is for evolution to be treated realistically; that is, it is an hypothesis, not a theory, and you may use hypotheses in the laboratory but you don’t teach them in science classes.

Guess Which Political Party Promotes The Theory Of Evolution

Well, we have documented the fact that it is the Democratic Party that promotes the theory of evolution.

Evolutionists Are Two-Faced

In daily life, evolutionists go about saying evolution is a fact but before the Supreme Court they say evolution is merely a theoretical model.

Where Are All The Prehumans?

Why is it that the prehumans so conveniently disappeared off the face of the earth? There should, at least, be one continent inhabited by billions of prehumans. What happened? We’ll tell you what happened. There never were any prehumans. What about all of the prehuman fossils? It is interesting that all…all…of these fossils are described as “within the range of probability of 70% to 75%.” In other words, evolutionists have no certainty, only probability. But its even worse than that for evolutionist probability is closed-system probability; that is, it is based on a mental model of biological reality and not on biological reality itself.

How Evolutionists Think

Evolution is not merely a belief, it is a lifestyle. Whenever an evolutionist is confronted with facts that contradict their cherished belief their first response is, “How can I make the facts fit my belief?”

Reverse Evolution

Something that everyone overlooks is that if an ancient ape were to give birth to a prehuman or a prehuman were to give birth to a human being, who would they have offspring with since there would be no one else of their kind. The prehuman would have to mate with an ancient ape but that would result in reverse evolution. The human being would have to mate with a prehuman but that, too, would result in reverse evolution. Reverse evolution means:

Evolution could never move forward.

The Gorilla-Human Mating Blocker

God, in his wisdom, created his living creations so that they cannot interbreed. A gorilla has 24 pairs of 48 chromosomes. A human being has 23 pairs of 46 chromosomes. This makes it organochemically impossible for a gorilla and a human being to have offspring together.

Why Did God Make Some Animals Superficially Resemble Human Beings?

Why did God make some animals superficially resemble human beings?


One reason is to highlight the difference between animal and human life. The orangutan, gorilla, chimpanzee, and bonobo have only one/vigintillionth (1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000th) the IQ of a newborn baby. So-called demonstrations of intelligence are programmatic inteligence, like programming a computer. As far as any so-called proofs of creative, problem-solving intelligence, in every case, the animal used heuristic (trial-and-error) neural net processing. In other words, the animals are simply biological neural nets. Whereas a human being transcends neural net processes by a factor of Rayo’s number.

In insanely oversimplified terms, a gorilla can peel a banana while a human being can tell you the molecular composition of the banana in Chinese.

The Dumbest Evolutionists

The dumbest evolutionists will tell you that it doesn’t matter if we call adaptation “evolution.” Such lack of precision is unscientific, which makes these evolutionists unscientific. They are not serious evolutionists. They are casual evolutionists. Don’t waste your time on them.


The origination of a new species from an existing species is called “adaptation,” not “evolution.” The belief in adaptation is harmless and contradicts no hermeticist, creationist, designist, indeterminationist, or biblical belief.

How To Identify The Dumber Evolutionists

The dumber evolutionists will tell you that evolution is the origination of a new species from an existing species. That, of course, is incorrect. Evolution is the belief that:

all species from a first simplistic life-form to modern man are, actually and/or virtually, consanguineously connected; that is, actually and/or virtually, connected by blood

For example:


Adaptation, The Little Engine That Couldn’t

Adaption is defined as the creation of a new species from an existing species where the new species differs in tiny ways from the parent species; for example, an orange butterfly instead of a yellow butterfly. Hyper-adaptation is defined as the creation of a new species from an existing species where the new species differs in huge ways from the parent species; for example, a flying dog instead of a regular dog. No, there are no flying dogs.

In fact, there are no instances of hyper-adaptation. There are reported instances of adaptation, which we have not been able to confirm but, for now, we’ll say they are true reports. In addition, adaptation has been reported to occur an average of only every one hundred thousand years. With adaptation’s track record, the evolutionary timeline should be tens of trillions of years instead of billions of years but that doesn’t fit the geological facts.

Finally, adaptation is not evolution and there is nothing about the concept of adaptation or even hyper-adaptation that conflicts with any hermeticist, creationist, designist, indeterminationist, or biblical truth.

The Internal Missing Links

A missing link is a hypothetical life-form having some of the characteristics of a more primitive species and some of the characteristics of a more advanced species. The imaginary ape-man would be an example. Well, currently, 100 million billion trillion trillion (100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) of these missing links are yet to be found.

Now, with advances in microbiology, we find that there are also internal missing links. These are hypothetical biomolecular structures (“bio-engines”) inside living things having some of the characteristics of a more primitive bio-engine and some of the characteristics of a more advanced bio-engine. Now, here, the situation is even worse because these bio-engines have nothing to evolve from and, if they did, we would still be missing 100 vigintillion (100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000) of them.

How will the evolutionists explain this?

The Monkeys Won’t Stay In Line

Here is the familiar HES (Human Evolution Sequence):


What you were never told was that there was this “equally scientific” alternative HES (Human Evolution Sequence):


Does anyone see a problem (author is smiling)?

And then there is this “equally scientific” alternative HES (Human Evolution Sequence):


Again, does anyone see a problem (author is smiling again)?

In fact, there are 127,693 “equally scientific” alternative HESs (Human Evolution Sequences) that we have been able to dig out of the literature.

Preliminary information on the “HES ‘Controversy'” can be found at our L. F. Nexus Research Center on the EGP The Evolutionist’s Ape “Police Lineup.”

Evolution: Where’s The Evidence?

Currently, and the number grows daily, over 100 million trillion (100,000,000,000,000,000,000) genetic transmutations were required for the last prehuman to evolve into the first human being. So far, we have found 173, which, incidentally, means the prehuman could have also evolved into a horse or snake or whale or barnyard pig.

This is so hysterically funny and massively poignant, that nothing more needs to be said on the subject of genetic transmutations.

Proof Of Evolutionists’ Belief In A Form Of Intelligent Design Changes Everything

We have now established that evolutionists believe in intelligent design. This is the intelligent design of BIO-AI (Biological Artificial Intelligences). These BIO-AI are called epochal retroviruses. This changes everything. Get ready, Supreme Court!

The Limits Of Inductive Logic

Inductive logic has its limits.

Its validity decreases as the complexity of your subject increases.

In physics, you can take simple measurements that validate inductive thinking; for example, how long it takes an apple to fall from a tree. In evolutionary theory, you cannot; for example, the genetic sequencing of retroviruses that existed a billion years ago.