Author: Dr. Michael Bisconti

  • Stupid Evolutionists Database

  • Quick Answer

    If we had to make a quick choice between evolution and creationism, we would choose creationism.

  • Velocity of Evolution

    Evolutionists believe that evolution occurs at different speeds at different times (punctuated equilibrium).  Logically, whether scientifically likely or not, this means that it is possible, scientifically speaking, for evolutionary events to have occurred in a 24-hour period.

  • Evolution Does Not Disprove Man’s Creation On A Single 24-Hour Day

    Evolution is science, not truth; therefore, it cannot disprove man’s creation on a single 24-hour day. See Truth And Science Are Two Different Things

  • Final Answers To Evolution

    There are only a few questions about evolution that matter. We have answered them. The other one million questions are just for fun and can be ignored. You don’t need our massive scientific knowledge to put evolution in its place. Evolution Nexus is located at with a mirror (duplicate website) at Also, […]

  • A Simple Proof That Evolution Is Not A Fact

    Here is a simple proof that evolution is not a fact: If you consult all of the writings of Charles Darwin, all of the writings of evolutionists since Charles Darwin, the writings of evolutionary biochemists, the writings of evolutionary chemists, the writings of evolutionary biophysicists, the writings of evolutionary physicists, the writings of evolutionary biologists, […]

  • Why Theistic Evolution Is Stupid

    First, we must give the Devil his due; that is, some of the theistic evolution websites are very persuasive. However, they are very persuasive only to those with little or no knowledge on the subject of evolution. Theistic evolutionists believe that God used evolution in the process of creating man. Their failure is that they […]

  • Evolution: Extreme Man-Apes

    If they existed, extreme man-apes would simply have been man-apes that could be mistaken for human beings.

  • Evolution: The “Man-Apes”

    There is disagreement in the evolutionary scientific community as to the validity of methods used to analyze and evaluate fossils. However, let us assume, for the moment, that the methods are valid. What would this mean? What it would mean is that there were extinct “man-apes.” What would these man-apes have been. There are two […]

  • Evolution: Transitional Forms: Humans

    It is common knowledge that some life-forms are extinct (no longer exist); for example, the dinosaurs. The so-called transitional forms leading up to human beings, if we accept the scientific methodology as reliable, would have simply been more anthropomorphic (more human-looking) apes now extinct and nothing more. Also, any so-called, human-like abilities would be accounted […]