Simplest Way To Refute Evolution

The simplest way to refute evolution is to say:

Evolution is an hypothesis with an incomplete data set and, remember, hypotheses may not be taught as established science in science classes.

For an in-depth discussion see Our Main Thesis: “The Hypothesis Proof” (True Evolution).

The Law of Hermeticism

Here is the formal, erudite statement of the law of hermeticism (hermeticism):

Truth and science are two different things and universal truth is a subset of science and true evolution is not taught in our schools and true creationism is not taught in our churches and the hypothesis of evolution can be tolerated but the theory of evolution should be opposed and, as a matter of truth, everyone should believe in intelligent design, which creationism elaborates; also, even evolutionists believe in intelligent design – the intelligent design of the artificial intelligence of the retroviruses – and, as a matter of science but not truth, the “theory of indeterminate design” replaces evolution, creationism, and intelligent design.