True Evolution and True Creationism Can Coexist

First, true evolution is not what is taught in our schools and true creationism is not what is taught in our churches, though what is taught in our schools and churches are approximations of the realistic.

Now, coexistence does not mean that both evolution and creationism are true.  Coexistence does mean that both evolution and creationism, understood in the light of new insights, do not compete for the same place in people’s minds.

How is this possible?

Evolution is a hypothesis, not a theory, and creationism is about the human habitat, not the universe, though God did create the universe.  On this basis, evolution and creationism can coexist.

We, of course, do not believe that evolution will ever be proven and, at the same time, we disagree with the common understanding of Genesis 1 though we do believe that Genesis 1 is to be understood literally.

In short, all of you, evolutionists and creationists, have been imprecise and, as a result, technically, wrong.

Now, to learn why evolution is a hypothesis and not a theory, read Our Main Thesis: “The Hypothesis Proof” and, to learn why the common understanding of creationism has a deficit, read our in-depth article Realistic (Phenotypical) Creationism, Yes!.

Our Main Thesis: “The Hypothesis Proof” (True Evolution)

This page presents what Dr. Bisconti refers to as “The Hypothesis Proof.”  Dr. Bisconti is the discoverer of this proof.  (This article was first published on a past generation of the L. F. Nexus Think Tanks website).

Well, after our years of research, we can finally put to rest the debate over the theory of evolution.  Why?  The only way the theory could be proven is if all species of plants and animals and their descendants were studied for billions of years, starting with the beginning of life on earth, so that we could actually see evolution occurring.  Remember:

Even if you saw:

 one species give rise to a new species;

for example (a ridiculous example just to make our point), a dog that gives birth to a flying dog…even if you saw one species give rise to a new species, that would not prove that:

All species gave rise to all subsequent species.

And, remember:

 There is no theory of evolution unless this is true.

So, what is left to fight?

The idea that evolution is a theory.

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