Evolution: Fossils: No Prehuman Parents With Human Children

If evolution were true, there would have to be MSSF (mixed species society fossils). That is, fossils of prehumans and humans together. These would have to exist since the humans would have to have been cared for and raised by the prehumans. But, none have ever been found.

Reverse Evolution

Something that everyone overlooks is that if an ancient ape were to give birth to a prehuman or a prehuman were to give birth to a human being, who would they have offspring with since there would be no one else of their kind. The prehuman would have to mate with an ancient ape but that would result in reverse evolution. The human being would have to mate with a prehuman but that, too, would result in reverse evolution. Reverse evolution means:

Evolution could never move forward.

Evolution: Where’s The Evidence?

Currently, and the number grows daily, over 100 million trillion (100,000,000,000,000,000,000) genetic transmutations were required for the last prehuman to evolve into the first human being. So far, we have found 173, which, incidentally, means the prehuman could have also evolved into a horse or snake or whale or barnyard pig.

This is so hysterically funny and massively poignant, that nothing more needs to be said on the subject of genetic transmutations.