Evolution: The “Man-Apes”

There is disagreement in the evolutionary scientific community as to the validity of methods used to analyze and evaluate fossils. However, let us assume, for the moment, that the methods are valid. What would this mean?

What it would mean is that there were extinct “man-apes.” What would these man-apes have been. There are two views – evolutionary and data.

Evolutionary View

The evolutionary view is that the man-apes were transitional forms; that is, life-forms between more ancient apes and man.

Data View

The man-apes would have been ancient apes with higher intelligence and more human-looking appearance than modern apes.

Analysis of Views

The evolutionary view is based on a mixture of data and fantasy. The fantasy is that the man-apes gave birth to human beings. However, no birth fossils (fossils of mothers giving birth to babies) have ever been found.

The data view is always correct because it simply reports the facts.


If fossil analysis/evaluation methodologies are valid, there were ancient apes with higher intelligence and more human-looking appearance than modern apes. There are no birth fossils to prove that they gave birth to human beings.

Are The Days Of Genesis 24-Hour Days?

Are the days of Genesis 24-hour days? Well, first, we must define the context of the question. There are two contexts. They are science and truth. Now, remember:

Science isn’t necessarily truth.

See our discussion elsewhere on the subject of the difference between science and truth.

In terms of science and not truth, the days of Genesis:

Might not be 24-hour days.

In terms of truth and not science

The days of Genesis are 24-hour days.

The most important thing to remember on the “day length” question is that:

Science does not disprove the Bible.



Science does disprove the Koran.


Science does disprove every other so-called holy book on the planet.

Reverse Evolution

Something that everyone overlooks is that if an ancient ape were to give birth to a prehuman or a prehuman were to give birth to a human being, who would they have offspring with since there would be no one else of their kind. The prehuman would have to mate with an ancient ape but that would result in reverse evolution. The human being would have to mate with a prehuman but that, too, would result in reverse evolution. Reverse evolution means:

Evolution could never move forward.

The Gorilla-Human Mating Blocker

God, in his wisdom, created his living creations so that they cannot interbreed. A gorilla has 24 pairs of 48 chromosomes. A human being has 23 pairs of 46 chromosomes. This makes it organochemically impossible for a gorilla and a human being to have offspring together.

Why Did God Make Some Animals Superficially Resemble Human Beings?

Why did God make some animals superficially resemble human beings?


One reason is to highlight the difference between animal and human life. The orangutan, gorilla, chimpanzee, and bonobo have only one/vigintillionth (1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000th) the IQ of a newborn baby. So-called demonstrations of intelligence are programmatic inteligence, like programming a computer. As far as any so-called proofs of creative, problem-solving intelligence, in every case, the animal used heuristic (trial-and-error) neural net processing. In other words, the animals are simply biological neural nets. Whereas a human being transcends neural net processes by a factor of Rayo’s number.

In insanely oversimplified terms, a gorilla can peel a banana while a human being can tell you the molecular composition of the banana in Chinese.

Proof Of Evolutionists’ Belief In A Form Of Intelligent Design Changes Everything

We have now established that evolutionists believe in intelligent design. This is the intelligent design of BIO-AI (Biological Artificial Intelligences). These BIO-AI are called epochal retroviruses. This changes everything. Get ready, Supreme Court!

The Limits Of Inductive Logic

Inductive logic has its limits.

Its validity decreases as the complexity of your subject increases.

In physics, you can take simple measurements that validate inductive thinking; for example, how long it takes an apple to fall from a tree. In evolutionary theory, you cannot; for example, the genetic sequencing of retroviruses that existed a billion years ago.

Why Evolutionists Are Stupid Morons In-Depth

In science, you pursue the hypothesis that is potentially provable; that is, there is the possibility of proving it. Proof consists of something that is experimentally repeatable. The so-called proof of evolution is all of biological history.

Well, now, we have two problems:

  1. No one has ever witnessed all of biological history; therefore, we don’t have even a single experiment to begin to build a proof.
  2. If we had a (past-only) time machine and could live billions of years, we could witness all of biological history but we would still only have a single experiment and could not “perform” additional experiments; therefore, we could not establish experimental repeatability and, therefore, could not build a proof.

Now, what evolutionists do in the face of this insurmountable obstacle is, like cheaters often do, to tell a lie. They say:

Well, you see, we are using inductive logic (many instances constitute proof).

The truth is:

Evolutionists use inductive interpretation (many instances inspire an opinion).

Truth And Science Are Two Different Things

Truth and science are two different things. Science includes a type of truth, universal truth. Universal truth is the truth that can be known through universal perception; that is, it is the truth that can be known by anyone through their perception of their environment. Now, not all truth can be known by everyone. One reason this is so is that some people simply don’t have the IQ, the intelligence, to know certain things.

Now, science also includes “pretruth.” Pretruthhypothesis and theory – are ideas that are being studied to determine if they are true. These ideas are uncertainties and potential truths. Therefore, science includes both universal truth and uncertainty (potential truth).

In simple terms, science includes a mix of universal truth and something else.

The words highlighted in green all refer to the same thing.

Scientific Revolution

The Seven Keys
By Dr. Michael Bisconti

The “Seven Keys” delineate (set forth) a necessarily difficult to understand view of the origin of life, which is held by all lovers of both truth and science.  The “Seven Keys” and the law of hermeticism, which is defined by them, were developed by Dr. Michael Bisconti.

  1. Truth and science are two different things.
  2. Universal truth is a subset of science.
  3. True evolution is not taught in our schools and true creationism is not taught in our churches.
  4. The hypothesis of evolution can be tolerated but the theory of evolution should be opposed.
  5. As a matter of truth, everyone should believe in intelligent design, which creationism elaborates.
  6. Even evolutionists believe in intelligent design – the intelligent design of the artificial intelligence of the retroviruses.
  7. As a matter of science but not truth, the “theory of indeterminate design” replaces evolution, creationism, and intelligent design.